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Corn soup, corn mush, corn stew, whatever you want to call it is a delicious Native American dish that originated in the Louisiana Territory by the indigenous people. It is now considered a Cajun dish, but has Native American fare written all over it. Make it and enjoy!



LOUISIANA CHITIMACHA - MACQUE CHOUX (CORN SOUP) INGREDIENTS: Serves 4 • 12 ears sweet corn • 1 medium green bell pepper, ⅛ inch dice • 2 medium yellow onions, ⅛ inch dice • 3 medium Roma tomatoes, seeded and ¼ inch dice • ½ pound butter • 2 Tablespoon(s) corn oil or extra virgin olive oil • ½ Cup(s) half & half (cream/milk) • Kosher salt or sea salt • Cayenne pepper to taste DIRECTIONS: 1. Shuck the corn and with a sharp knife, cut the kernels off, cutting off only half of the kernel and then go back and cut the rest of the kernel down to the cob. When you have cut the kernels twice, go back and scrape the cobs to “milk” the corn milk from the cob.**SEE COOKS NOTE** 2. In a cast iron dutch oven or skillet, add the corn oil and butter and heat. Add the onions, corn, tomatoes and peppers and cook over a slow fire until the onions have caramelized or turned a golden brown. All the vegetables should have taken on about the same color. 3. Add the half & half and stir until creamy. 4. Add the salt and cayenne pepper to taste. This is generally a spicy dish, so suit your taste. 5. Serve as a side to shrimp, crawdads, or other shellfish. **COOKS NOTE** 1. The purpose here is to make the ingredients very small and uniform. No large chunks. All should be about the same size.

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