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Fineground lamb and bulgour stuffed with an aromatic filling and shaped like a football.

These little gems can be fried, served in a broth as as soup, or sliced and fried with scrambled eggs as as frittata.


INGREDIENTS:  Serves 6 - 8
        •	1½  lbs. minced meat
	•	salt
	•	⅔ lbs. fine bulgur (cracked wheat)
	•	pepper
	•	1 egg 
        •       3½ tablespoon(s) crushed walnuts
	•	1 teaspoon cumin
	•	1½ tablespoon(s) pine nuts
	•	1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
	•	1½ tablespoon(s) currants
	•	1 bunch flat leafed parsley
	•	3 onions
	•	1½ tablespoon(s) butter
	•	1 cup olive oil


1.     Boil bulgur in plenty of water until soft. 

2.     Drain and set aside. 

3.     Melt butter and lightly brown chopped onions and pine nuts. 

4.     Add 1½ pounds of meat and sautè until juices evaporate. Remove from heat. 

5.     Add pepper, salt, cummin, crushed walnuts, currants and choped parsley. Mix. 

6.     In a large bowl, combine the remainder of meat with the bulgur. Add cayenne pepper and egg. Mix and knead well. 

7.    Take a large walnut sized piece of mixture and roll into a ball. With index finger, make a hole and push the inside,
       making a large cavity. Stuff the cavity with the meat mixture,press hole with fingers to close. 

8.    Lightly press meatball in palm of hand to shape like an egg. Repeat procedure, making as many meatballs as

9.    Add meatballs to salted boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. 

10.  Remove and drain on absorbent paper. Heat oil in frypan and lightly fry meatballs until golden brown. 

11.  Drain and serve.

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