Pork Roast-Dumplings-Cabbage-Gravy

This is the Czech Republic’s national dish.  It’s eminently practical, easy, and „lahodnY“
(delicious)!  Once you serve it, you’ll know why.  Your diners are likely to stand and salute
the cook!  (Enjoy the praise, you deserve it.)

preheat oven 450Ί F [232Ί C]

1 pork roast, about 3 pounds [1? kg]
dash salt
1 Tbl caraway seeds
1 onion, diced
2 c [? L] water, approx.

Sprinkle a little salt all over the pork roast.  Place meat in pan.  Dice onion; distribute it
 and caraway seeds across top of roast.  Add enough water to bring liquid 1/4 way up meat.
Cover and place in preheated oven.  Turn temperature down to 325 and bake for about 
1 1/2 - 2 hours (approximately 25-30 minutes to a pound).

Remove and check for doneness, internal temperature of 170° F [77° C] for pork loin or
185° F [85° C]  for shoulder.  If the meat needs a darker color, remove lid and return to
oven for another 10-15 minutes to brown.

NOTE: Serve meat with Czech dumplings, gravy, and red cabbage.
(Prepare and cook cabbage and bun-dumpling and gravy)
Cut meat, serve with cabbage, or red cabbage or sauerkraut and bun-dumpling with the
gravy over.

1 package pork gravy mix + water according to package directions
1 c [250 ml] water + 1/4 c [60 ml] Wondra Flour
NOTE: You can make pan gravy with the roast drippings if so desired.

After fully cooked, remove meat to serving platter and quickly make the following sauce
in the pan with its drippings.  Pour disolved commercial gravy mixture into roasting pan
and over high heat stir until boiling.  Turn down to low boil and stir, scraping bottom & 
sides of pan to bring loose all the flavorful bits that have stuck to roaster while baking.
After about 2-3 minutes quickly blend the water and flour and pour into gravy.  Mix well
cooking until thickened.  Immediately remove from heat.

Red Cabbage n Θervenι zelν
medium head red cabbage, cored
1 onion, chopped
1 T oil
1 c [250 ml] water
dash salt
3 T vinegar
3 T sugar
1 T Wondra flour

Shred the cabbage into strips about 1/4" by 1 or 2 inches [ 1/2 x 2-4 cm].  Chop onion;
heat oil in medium sized pot; cook onion until soft.  Add cabbage, water, and salt; cover
and simmer on very low heat about 30-40 minutes until limp but not mushy.  [There
should be very little water left at this point.  If there’s more than a few tablespoons
present, drain most of it off, either reserving it for soup or discarding it.]  Finish by
stirring in vinegar and sugar.  Taste test to see if it needs more salt/sugar/vinegar. 
Sprinkle flour across cabbage while quickly blending to avoid lumping.  Turn up heat and
cook, stirring, until thickened.

	1 lb farina (or flour)
	2 cups lukewarm water
	1 scant cup of milk
	2-3 eggs
	1 tablespoon salt
	5 large (old) buns, horns or white bread

First, cut (old) buns, horns or white bread into small croutons. If fresh,toast or fry so
they are crisp. Select the best farina or flour you can get. Mix water, milk, eggs, and
salt, keep adding farina until dough is smooth and makes bubbles and doesn't stick to the
 bowl. Mix in croutons. Divide into 4 parts, form uplong ball dumplings. Let set for about
30 minutes. Place into salty boiling water, cook for about 25 minutes. Cut with string.
This national (Sunday) Czech dinner should be washed down with Pilsener beer (the famous
native drink).

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