Wow...what a salad!


                                              3 tablespoons red-wine vinegar
                                              1 tablespoon Dijon-styled mustard
                                              1 teaspoon anchovy paste
                                              1/2 teaspoon dried thyme, crumbled
                                              1/4 teaspoon sugar
                                              1/3 cup olive oil

                                              1 pound 1-inch-thick tuna steak, cut into 6 pieces
                                              1 large yellow squash, cut into 1/4-inch-thick slices
                                              9 jumbo shrimp, shelled and halved lengthwise
                                              12 large sea scallops
                                              1 pound green or wax beans or a combination, trimmed and cut into 2-inch lengths
                                              red-leaf lettuce for lining the plates
                                              1 red bell pepper, roasted and cut into 2-inch pieces
                                              1 pint red or yellow cherry tomatoes or a combination, quartered
                                              1 cup drained Niηoise olives (available at specialty foods shops and some supermarkets) 

                                              PREPARATION; DRESSING:
                                              In a small bowl whisk together the vinegar, the mustard, the anchovy paste, the thyme,
                                              the sugar, and salt and pepper to taste, add the oil in a stream, whisking, and whisk the
                                              dressing until it is emulsified.

                                              Reserve 2 tablespoons of the dressing in another small bowl, arrange the tuna pieces and
                                              the squash slices on a baking sheet, and brush them lightly with the reserved dressing.
                                              In a bowl toss the shrimp and the scallops with 2 tablespoons of the remaining dressing.
                                              Let the mixture stand for 15 minutes. In a kettle of boiling water cook the beans for 5
                                              minutes, or until they are crisp-tender, drain them in a colander, and refresh them under
                                              cold water. In another bowl toss the beans with 3 tablespoons of the remaining dressing.

                                              On a rack set 4 to 6 inches over glowing coals grill the tuna for 2 1/2 minutes on each
                                              side, the shrimp for 4 minutes on each side, and the scallops and the squash for 6
                                              minutes on each side, transferring the seafood and the squash as it is cooked to a
                                              platter.Line 6 plates with the lettuce, on each plate arrange 2 scallops, halved
                                              horizontally, 3 shrimp halves, and 1 piece of tuna, sliced diagonally, and divide the squash,
                                              beans, roasted pepper, tomatoes, and olives among the plates. Drizzle the remaining
                                              dressing over the salads or serve it separately. 

                                              Serves 6.

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